SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) is a software that allows companies to support, moreover, define import and export trade processes in SAP ERP.

At DAYNA, SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) eases the global trade process by managing numerous business partners and bulk documents linked to them. It keeps upgrading with the legal changes and works in compliance with all the legal regulations.

SAP GTS helps our customers to respond quickly to many business opportunities globally. It provides visibility into the supply chain while goods are in transit. This facilitates resolving issues that can obstruct goods from clearing customs within a particular time frame. Eventually, saving time, money and mitigating financial risks for all DAYNA clients.

SAP GTS comprises a number of components that can be licensed individually or as a full-fledged bundle. With the usage of SAP (GTS) at DAYNA, we ensure our clients get automated functions which include:

Export management for handling most trade regulations and localization for more than 25 countries.


Import management to streamline processes through self-filing, importer security filing, duty calculation and more



Preferential and free trade agreement to reduce duty and tax payments. Moreover, manage vendor and customer declarations.


Single data store for master, classification and compliance data.


Regional and industry compliance to automate compliance with processes such as the European Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS).

DAYNA by using SAP GTS, can screen buyers and vendors to protect any business transactions with restricted or denied entities.

SAP GTS Advantages

  • Reduces chances of penalties and fines during trade.

  • Controls costs during export procedures.

  • Increases productivity for improved operations.

  • Reduces time and effort with the usage of automated tools.

  • Seamless integration through all supply chains.

  • Saves time by fast custom clearance, inbound and outbound.

  • Customer satisfaction, thereby enhanced brand name of the company.


Thus, with the aid of the tools provided by the GTS platform, Customs Management, Risk Management and Compliance Management are all taken care proficiently at DAYNA.