SAP PLM  (Product Lifecycle Management), manages the dynamics of business world which keep changing every day on a global level and the same should reflect and manage the products that a company sells.

In the competitive world managing product lifecycle has become crucial. By making use of SAP PLM, DAYNA guarantees constant Innovation. We help generate new ideas for improving existing products or conceptualizing new products, ideating over manufacturing processes to have a better product and developing the product lifecycle as and when required.

The SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or better known as PLM at DAYNA, supports the business processes, right from the conceptualization of the idea right to the delivery of the product.

SAP PLM features:

  • Create and design innovative methods and products to match the market’s demands. This will keep you at par with your competitors and you can have a strong market share.

  • Make changes or modify your business processes involved with product development. This includes quality checks as well as compliance with regulatory standards and industry regulations.

  • Enable you to respond promptly to any business changes and recognize the opportunities quickly.

DAYNA provides insights to ongoing projects and gives access to data that would be helpful in making crucial decisions. You can also take advantage of flexible reporting as well as different analytics dealing with aspects such as product quality, product safety, portfolio management and occupational health.

  • You can monitor the products through different development stages and keep a check on the factors affecting the same, such as timelines, resources, effort and money.

  • This helps in increasing the operative and strategic controls with regards to processing product development.

  • PLM offers relevant data, tools and services to all internal and external users, at all times. The data is quite role specific and can be accessed on the basis of the context.

  • It focuses on delivering high quality products every single time; as well as keeping the wastage low at every phase of product development.

  • PLM optimizes productivity through its role-based portal. It enables content delivery and enhances productivity greatly.


With the aid of SAP PLM, DAYNA also provides an open-technology framework which is very helpful. We deliver real time data that would be necessary for different processes like procurement, sales, manufacturing etc.