In Staff Augmentation, DAYNA provides highly skilled workforce for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other IT software programs. These workers use their expertise and abilities to facilitate customers as per their requirements so our clients do not have to go through the hassle of hiring from other sources. We provide: Freelance consultants: These are exceptionally skilled freelance workers who can provide their expertise as a self-employed person, without any time constraints. Permanent employees: They are workers in a contract with DAYNA who work for clients through us. Still, to facilitate you completely, at any given stage you can solely hire this consultant for your current and future projects too. You will be offered to do so without any restrictions. Furthermore, we make a transformation plan for your organization. Here we offer customized consultants who guide our customers throughout their projects. These consultants are relatively new (2-3 year experience) yet fully equipped and trained, keeping the demand of our clients in vision. Their training is also carried out by DAYNA for our clients specifically. Hence, their pay scale is negotiable with mutual understanding between our staff and clients. Our clients also have the advantage of hiring these workers by their free will without any commissions.