SAP Hybris is a family of product which manages e-Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service and Product Content Management Software.

At DAYNA, SAP Hybris helps provide solutions that help organizations in cost cutting, time saving, reducing complexity and requiring lesser focus to achieve excellent customer experience.

SAP Hybris is integrated with backend system – SAP CRM and SAP ERP. Hence, it enables our clients running SAP ERP or SAP CRM to easily switch to the SAP Hybris solution.

The SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator is an Omni channel e-commerce solution with storefront templates and tools that provide an enthralling customer engagement experience. SAP Hybris at DAYNA focuses on the following areas:

Commerce: This is used to provide a clear, meaningful and consistent experience to every channel. It includes products for B2C Commerce, B2B Commerce, Product Content, Catalog Management, Omni-Channel fulfillment and Merchandising to understand customer’s requirements and to turn visitors into buyers.


Marketing: By using SAP Hybris, DAYNA understands the customer behavior in real-time and provide them what they require and when they want it. With the aid of SAP Hybris Marketing, DAYNA is providing the most cutting edge solutions to marketers for providing personalized marketing experience as per their changing needs. The following capabilities are available in SAP C4C Marketing solution −

  1. Dynamic Customer Profiling

  2. Segmentation and Campaign Management

  3. Commerce Marketing

  4. Loyalty Management

  5. Marketing Resource Management

  6. Marketing Analysis

  7. Marketing Lead Management

  8. Customer Attribution

  9. Architecture and Technology


Revenue (Billing): This solution provides the customers of DAYNA with the capacity to perform in complex partner ecosystems. It involves reselling products and sharing the revenue. It also includes products for Subscription Order Management, Revenue in Cloud, Responsive Quality Control, Customer Financial Management, Consolidated Billing, Invoicing and many more.

Service: SAP Hybris for Service allows a company to provide an exceptional service experience to its customer and hence, delightful customer engagement experience. Using Hybris Service, organizations can give its customers the right service on the right channel. It includes product for Omni Channel Call Center, Proactive Field Service and Comprehensive Self Service.

Sales: At DAYNA, SAP Hybris cloud for Sales takes customer information from the backend system, provides it to the front-end sales team and enables them to understand their target customers. Furthermore, it makes customers aware about opportunities of a new sale. It also provides information to the sales executive out in the field and on the mobile device in the hands of the sales executive. It includes product for Retail Execution, Sales Performance Management and Sales Force Automation too.


Hybris as a Service (YaaS): This surely is one of the most advanced micro services ecosystem, which allows a company to develop custom applications with the existing platform. YaaS allows companies to reassemble and adapt with the existing services to build a custom experience; without the need of developing them from scratch.