Due to emerging innovative technology, Life sciences have become extremely extensive and it is a whole new world of business with options to explore from and grow in.

DAYNA provides complete solutions through Enterprise Information Management for Large scale, international clients and their organizations. We have a terrific record and our customer success rate with SAP EIM solutions is 100%. Our Life Sciences practice focuses especially on complex data management projects for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment companies. DAYNA’s most significant contribution is towards their data management including mergers & acquisitions, SAP consolidations and master data governance.

At DAYNA, we are well equipped to tackle various Life Sciences challenges and our keen interest is towards improving customer’s work quality. The rise of artificial intelligence will support Life Sciences in generating more value from their data and embrace true intelligent laboratory scenarios.

In Life sciences, Demonstrated Methodology for information change quickens the assembling, institutionalizes advancement and improves quality of the product improving the image of our customer’s business. Simultaneously, our team of experts include the most experienced board chiefs in the business. Innovation accelerators are also used which facilitate expansion of SAP EIM with upgraded information profiling, information gathering and report circulation. Furthermore, our team has a great command in all transcendent EIM instruments including SAP DS, SAP IS, SAP SCM, DSP and HANA.