Go-Live refers to a time frame in the development process of a project when the goals of this project are accomplished, desired outcome is produced and deliverables are accepted. At this stage, the project is ready for further realization and maintenance. It is an ending phase that embraces the period between project completion and handover. Deployment is another name of the project go-live phase.

DAYNA gives a total answer for post Go-Live support of information. DAYNA’s group of Data Quality specialists can administer the data with the assistance of its Delivery Center, until the information quality issues die down. Substantial informational collections can also be transferred or refreshed rapidly as the Data Team will be able to assemble complex burden or even remedy programs. DAYNA’s Data Team can simultaneously dissect the information where redundant issues are happening by making reports. Whenever you plan to go-live, reach out to us for help, facilitation and assistance.