At DAYNA, we offer SAP data management solutions for world’s most significant retail organizations. Our customer’s problems are our major concern. We not only address and discuss their issues with them, but we also come up with solutions which are beneficial for the customers. Migration, data governance, and meta-data management are to name a few. Our Retail practice specializes in the complex demand and requirement of the industry nowadays.

DAYNA focuses on understanding Retail data management as an essential and integral discipline. This approach increases the chances of success in demanding data environments.

We use Methodology that is tried, tested and accepted at an international level for data conversion. This helps in accelerating the development process and improves quality, taking your business a notch above the rest.

Furthermore, we have highly qualified and leading experts on board. These are certainly, the most experienced data management leaders in the industry.

Our team comprises of Technology Accelerators that guide entrepreneurs about their business from the stage of ‘adolescence to adulthood’.  They also supplement SAP EIM with enhanced data profiling, data collection and report distribution.

Our biggest strength lies within our logistic modules including SAP DS, SAP IS, HANA, SAP PP, SAP Quality Management, SAP Transport Management, SAP Cloud etc.