At DAYNA, we offer SAP data management solutions for world’s most significant retail organizations. Our customer’s problems are our major concern. We not only address and discuss their issues with them, but we also come up with solutions which are beneficial for the customers. Migration, data governance, and meta-data management are to name a few. Our Retail practice specializes in the complex demand and requirement of the industry nowadays.


Living in a postmodern era, we all have headed towards global digitalization. This has made dynamics of the businesses in today’s world, extremely complex and competitive. Digital transformation in the manufacturing sector has increased the pressure to develop more complex products in a short span of time to meet the target for new product releases.


Due to emerging innovative technology, Life sciences have become extremely extensive and it is a whole new world of business with options to explore from and grow in.

DAYNA provides complete solutions through Enterprise Information Management for Large scale, international clients and their organizations. We have a terrific record and our customer success rate with SAP EIM solutions is 100%. Our Life Sciences practice focuses especially on complex data management projects for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment companies. DAYNA’s most significant contribution is towards their data management including mergers & acquisitions, SAP consolidations and master data governance.

Oil & gas

DAYNA being an excellent solution provider, facilitates oil and gas industry in gaining competitive advantage of operational excellence and innovation. We help our customers save operational costs which further help companies maintain profitability in the shifting market landscape, as the increasing number of consumer demands continues to drive the industry as a whole toward the path of a complete digital revolution.