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What is AMS?

Nowadays, applications are the backbone and strength for the functioning of any organization. They connect numerous end-users and empower them to run the business. By taking a strategic approach, and by actively managing your application portfolio, Application Management Services provided by DAYNA help you maximize your investment, produce more profits and excellent results.

Application Management Services (AMS) basically, are services provided by several companies to organizations that need to outsource some or all of their SAP enterprise application support. Companies that provide AMS help organizations with expertise on essential IT and application management.

AMS provides application administration and support for your specific customizations and integrations, as well as the day-to-day operation of your SAP solutions, allowing you to use your skilled resources to focus on creating more value for your business.

Application Management Services are provided by DAYNA’s highly qualified consultants who leverage their SAP expertise and business knowledge to deliver optimum results for your organization. Their expertise helps in reducing time to value as in a lesser time, more positive results are generated. AMS providers become an essential part of your organization, providing with important strategies to work on.

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Why is AMS Important?

There are many benefits of partnering with an SAP AMS provider.

  • Delegation: You can delegate work to support your systems while focusing on core aspects of your business.

  •  One-Stop Global Shop: A single point of contact for your complete SAP solution.

  •  System Stability: Reduce downtime when repairing equipment or software.

  •  Predictable Support Cost: Pay in equal monthly payments.

  •  Reduced Staff Risk: Mitigate the risk of losing key resources by augmenting your support staff.

  •  Value: You make an investment in SAP to deliver value. This is something which cannot be offered elsewhere as AMS providers are highly equipped with all the appropriate knowledge to help businesses have an edge over others.

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At DAYNA, our AMS providers work as an extension of your IT staff. Trust us and we will focus on enabling your team and organization to drive and deliver value-add SAP solutions.

With the evolving industry and requirement of changes in your business, we make sure our AMS providers meet your demands. Our consultants will provide you on-site or off-shore services to facilitate you fully. We recognize the value of a trusted, long-term partnership as opposed to long-term contract. Application Management Services offerings will adjust to the demands of your IT operations. We can work together to define a right-sized and right-shored delivery model for your organization’s specific needs. Moreover, our AMS will also be provided at a flat rate.

Choose DAYNA and we assure you to provide world-class expertise at an exceptional value. Our clients have the benefit to get expert SAP assistance on-demand, in any functional or technical area as our consultants are cross functional in Job Management. Our services are easily accessible and readily available.

We look into the following:

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Technical and Functional Expertise

Our teams are composed of highly skilled cross functional consultants who bring their ideas, innovation and expertise to our Application Management Services practice and that too, at a flat rate.


Full Lifecycle Support

At every stage of your business, we help you make long-lasting improvements customized to your business requirements. This can be on-site support and off-shore support keeping time and material in mind. Budgeting can also be discussed with our clients and we can also provide you fix budget for our support.


Customized Offerings

We tailor the service offering to match your exact needs by leveraging our regional presence around the world.


Process Flows for Continuous Service Improvement

We help keep check and balance through quarterly reviews and reports that assess and review the weaknesses encountered.


Streamlined Knowledge Transfer Process

We assure to minimize your costs while maintaining quality of service.